Daniele Dell’Osa

My name is Daniele Dell’Osa, I was born and raised in Chieti, in the heart of Abruzzo, but my life took an extraordinary turn in 2009 That year marked the beginning of an odyssey that took me first to Austria, for a seasonal job in a hotel, and then to Australia for almost 5 years where I began to weave the strings of my passions: travel, photography and nature.

2018 was a breakthrough year. After a period of obscurity and confusion, I qualified as a Tour Leader, opening the doors to collaborations with tour operators and travel agencies. Meanwhile, my interest in photography took off, with solo photography trips beginning in the picturesque Costa Rica.

My images have found space in exhibitions and art-cultural events in various Italian cities, and the honor of seeing some published by National Geographic and Focus confirmed the visual power of my shots. Taking the podium in an international photography competition was an exciting achievement, and the collaboration with Leica has become a partnership beyond the ordinary: the brand supports me by providing me with their prestigious binoculars to spot wild animals during my adventures.

Today I am the Photo Tour Leader for “Namaa Photo Tours”, an opportunity that allows me to share my passion for travel and photography with other enthusiasts. While I lead groups through fascinating destinations, I continue to travel solo to document the beauty of nature and the diverse cultures I encounter along the way.

September 2023 will see the start of what has been the most important trip of my life so far and to which I have given a name for the first time: “ADELANTE”.
I was looking for a Spanish term, like the language spoken in the countries visited on the trip. I was looking for a term beginning with “A,” like Austria and Australia which are the countries where deep parts of me blossomed and came to light, as well as Argentina which was the first country of the Adelante trip. A journey that will last three months and will see me venturing in its purest form between Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
A long adventure trip, with no plans and no set goals but only with a great desire to encounter endemic fauna and get to know in depth the places that have hosted me.